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Recent Work

Since 2007 B2B Print has proudly sponsored the printed material for the annual Marketing Institute of Ireland South region ball. To see examples of this work please click on the below link.

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Variable Data Printing (VDP) or ‘personalised printing’ is an exciting new form of on-demand printing that is revolutionisng the direct marketing industry . VDP allows direct marketers to customise the content of marketing materials such as mailshots, in a single print run, to make them more relevant to each of their target audiences.


 How does VDP work?

With VDP, all documents in a single print run can have the same overall look and style, however use different individual detail such as graphics, text and images. For example, in one print run you can customise the content and images in a direct mailshot to target customers in different geographic areas or even in different languages. You can also use different images and colours to test which gets a greater response from your audience.


 Advantages of VDP:

  • Greater flexibility: allows you to test out different designs and content to see which gets a better response rate
  • More targeted marketing: allows you to target customers individually e.g. by geographic area, language etc...
  • Increase your ROI: VDP is proven to increase direct marketing response rates and ROI


To find out more about how our team of VDP printers and designers can help you get a higher response rate from your direct mail marketing campaigns and a better ROI, contact us today.