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Recent Work

Since 2007 B2B Print has proudly sponsored the printed material for the annual Marketing Institute of Ireland South region ball. To see examples of this work please click on the below link.

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At B2B Print we provide a high quality, competitively priced printing service for all your corporate printing needs. Our printing department has the resources to cater for printing jobs of all sizes - from a small run of business cards for a new employee to large format printing for an advertising campaign.

Because each client has very specific and unique needs, we provide a choice of two printing options for you to choose from:

  • Digital Printing
  • Traditional Lithographic Printing

Our team can print on a variety of paper sizes and finishes. For more information on paper sizes see our customer guide to paper size.


What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a modern method of printing that involves printing an image directly from a computer onto paper. It is essentially like printing from a very big and powerful laser printer. This differs from the more traditional method of printing where the image is first produced on to a number of plates before being transferred on to the paper.

At B2B Print we have continuously invested in market leading, state-of-the-art digital printing equipment so that we can offer you unrivalled quality. Our digital printing presses are so advanced that they offer almost the same quality as traditional lithographic printing.

Why should I use digital printing?

• If you require a small print run – up to 1,000 copies
• If you need material printed at short notice

Benefits of digital printing:

• Faster turnaround time
• Cost-effective for smaller print runs
• Print on demand
• No minimum print run required
• High quality, vibrant colours 


What is lithographic printing?
Lithographic printing is the more traditional method of printing where the image is first produced on to a number of plates before being transferred on to the paper. Because there is extra time and cost involved in setting up these plates during the printing process, this option can work out more expensive than digital printing. However the quality of finish and range of choice lithographic printing offers is unrivalled.

When should I use lithographic printing?

• Lithographic printing is particularly suitable for larger print runs – 1,000+ copies.

Benefits of lithographic printing:
• Most cost effective option for larger print runs (1,000+)
• Superior print quality
• Gives you greater choice in terms of paper, inks and finishes
• Can print up to A1 size (View customer guide to paper sizes)

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